Table of Contents




1. Help, Please!

2. From a Little Spark...

3. Fledging, and Falling

4. Group Work and Goals with Gusto

5. Hear My Prayer

6. Labelled “Disabled”

7. Twists, Turns and Revolving Doors

8. Entering the "Warm Land"

9. Saying No, and Good-bye

10. My Bold Escape

11. Flowering as Daisy





From The Daisy Project...

"To understand the bigger picture of the natural world around me, I attended a 'reconnecting with nature' program in a wooded park by the Cowichan River. During the first session, the leader instructed attendees to ask permission of the natural world before stepping on a path or sitting on a log. If we felt unwelcome, we were to move on. In a later session, I asked permission to sit, listen and look. My eyes wandered past a wild current bush and to a distant trunk of a tree. The natural world allowed me to move closer for a better look. Once again I could remember the names of the birds. Oh, it’s a downy woodpecker, I thought, and turned my back and sat on a rock. I considered what the session leader had said. I was to notice my response to anything that caught my interest. Once I had labelled the species of woodpecker that I had seen many times before, I had turned my back. It suddenly struck me that the psychiatrists had done the same to me!

"When I first saw a psychiatrist, I was an 'interesting case.' Once the doctor had labelled me with a diagnosis, they knew what I was and took less interest. So it was with the downy and me. I turned toward the bird again and watched it peck hard for each morsel of food. I began to wonder about the pecking bird as a chick, its life in the nest, its struggle to fly, mate and survive. The downy was determined to feed itself and possibly its fledglings. Would the psychiatrists have treated me differently if they had paid attention to my persistence?"



From a sweet child with loving parents, I grew up into a “chronic” psychiatric patient.

The Daisy Project: Escaping Psychiatry and Rediscovering Love tells my story.