“The Daisy Project: One woman’s inspiring journey through BC’s mental health system maze”
An article written by Alan Cassels who writes about pharmaceutical policy in Victoria and is the author of Seeking Sickness: Medical Screening and the Misguided Hunt for Disease.

“Recovering Myself: A talk about Journeying through the mental health system and coming back to oneself”
Laura Delano’s speech in 2015

Psychiatric Medication Awareness Group
News about psychiatric medications, addictions, withdrawal, risks and side-effects. Download a copy of the booklet by Daisy Anderson and Janet Currie, What People Need to Know about Psychiatric Drugs (2009).

Recovering from Psychiatry
A website by activist, writer, consultant and community organizer, Laura Delano. “To My Fellow Ex-Mental Patients in the Aftermath of Psychiatrization: We Heal.” – Laura Delano

“One Gutsy Woman”
An article by E. Daisy Anderson published on the Mad in America website (2015). “Seven years later and in my last year of university, I made what I believed to be a responsible decision: to seek help from a psychiatrist……”  – Daisy Anderson

PsychRights: Law Project for Psychiatric Rights
A charity devoted to protecting people from the harm and abuse from forces psychiatric drugging resulting in emotion and physical damage.

“Escape from British Columbia”
An article by journalist Rob Wipond from Victoria, Coast Salish Territories, BC.

OCEANPAX Paddle/Run/Be
A website by Duncan and Joan Barwise of Vancouver Island, BC. “Gentle reflections on life, self-propelled pursuits and all manner of things that may come to mind – on land and sea.”